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Computational modelling of formal psychological theories.

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Catlearn is a framework and archive for distributed collaboration in formal modeling of categorization and learning in psychology. It provides an archival record of:

  1. Canonical Independently Replicated Phenomena (i.e. key datasets),
  2. formal models
  3. simulations.
It supplements, rather than supplants, journal article publication.

Getting started

Mailing list

Join the catlearn-package e-mail list to get occasional information on updates to the catlearn package.

Current contents

Catlearn is intended as a framework for distributed collaboration; please consider contributing content (models, datasets, simulations) to this project.

The latest stable version of catlearn (v. 0.5) contains the following (bold indicates new to version 0.5, italics indicates major update):


  1. Install the latest version of R from CRAN.
  2. (optional but recommended for those new to R) Install RStudio
  3. Install catlearn:

Contribute to catlearn

If you'd like to contribute to this project by adding models, datasets, or simulations to the catlearn package, contact andy@willslab.co.uk


CRG = Catlearn Research Group

Invite us to give a talk or workshop?

The Catlearn Research Group are keen to talk about the catlearn project to any interested party (academic or non-academic). Why not invite us to give a talk or run a workshop where you are? We do not charge an appearance fee, but would prefer it if you were able to reimburse our travel expenses, including accommodation.

The Catlearn Research Group are based in the United Kingdom, at Plymouth University [map]

Previous talks and workshops

A Practical Introduction to Distributed Collaboration for Formal Modeling
Andy Wills and Charlotte Edmunds, 22nd July 2017.
50th Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical Psychology, University of Warwick, UK.

Progress in learning theory through distributed collaboration
Andy Wills, 11th April 2017
Associative Learning Symposium, Gregynog, Wales.

A Practical Introduction to Distributed Collaboration for Formal Modeling
Andy Wills, Thu 23rd March 2017, 10.30am.
International Convention of Psychological Science, Vienna, Austria.

Progress in modelling through distributed collaboration
Andy Wills, Jan 2017
Experimental Psychology Society, London, UK.

Introduction to catlearn
Andy Wills, Wed 26th Jan 2017, 4pm.
School of Psychology, Plymouth University, UK.



The catlearn logo image credit: Elouise Wills. Creative Commons License

The project summary page you can find here.